Delphi murders google maps

Delphi murders google maps

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Home. Latest Feature. A case of 'Murder-Suicide': The death of Niyat Teklemariam. Court Reports. View our updated map of homicides in London this year. Support murdermap. This website relies on donations and reader subscriptions.

Secret drug farms and even the murder of two women and two children have come to light thanks to the site. Here are some of the most staggering examples of The Soanes family couldn't believe the Google mapping car came exactly when the caravan was being pinchedCredit: Caters News Agency.

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The Pythia was the name of the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi who also served as its oracle, also known as the Oracle of Delphi. Delphic Sibyl is situated 640 metres west of Delphi, Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. Photo: Inkey, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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Ahh, apparently Google can do evil.. Photos from Google Maps in the Chile region show one image of a cute, scrappy little dog playing in the street. The very next photo image shows the lil’ guy motionless in the street — and there is no sign of the Google Maps crew stopping to help.

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