Cloudflare flatten cname at root

Cloudflare flatten cname at root

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When you add a site to your CloudFlare account, the SSL certificate on the CloudFlare side must be updated to cater for your domain name. We’ve seen this delayed in some cases >24hrs. Solution: Add your site to CloudFlare at least a day or so before you intend to enabled Flexible SSL (to ensure the SSL is ready for your domain). Learn to connect your root domain in Cloudflare with ClickFunnels. This means you will be adding the non www version of your domain to ClickFunnels Check your records on this page and delete both the www CNAME record and your root domain record (see image below or video above for reference).

Cloudflare and CNAME flattening. WP Engine recommends CNAME records for DNS - a CNAME allows you to point a domain (, Trouble is, most DNS registrars do not offer the ability to configure a CNAME record for your root domain (, only for your "www"...

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CNAME flattening allows you to create a CNAME record at the root of your domain without violating RFC's (the rules that govern the Internet). Here at DNS Made Easy, we call these ANAME records… but we'll get to that in a minute.

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The issue with mine was that all the DNS records were correct, but under "Cname Flattening" the option to change from "Flatten all Cnames" to "Flatten Cnames at ROOT" was disabled. Paying again for the pro subscription allowed me to change this, but you can also reach out to support rather then paying 20 dollars again to upgrade. Oct 29, 2018 · The CNAME record for www does not allow it to be "orange clouded" which is required for you to set up a page rule in Cloudflare that will allow you to 301 the root to www. Right now, we have an A record set up that is useless that simply allows us to use a page rule on the root domain.

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